52: Mountains loom, daunting

Mountains loom, daunting plot an ascension and climb transcend perspective Life is daunting. Some choose to take the road and bypass the mountains. There’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a reason the roads are there. For guidance and to help bypass rough terrain. Others plot a different course, as the mountains pose a new challenge. […]

51: Evening skies ablaze

Evening skies ablaze float purposefully on clouds lest they turn to ice Enjoy the splendor when it surrounds you, and use it on nights when your mind is cold and lonely.

50: Antiquities healed

Antiquities healed renovated, unchanging generational Consumer culture praises throwing out the old for the new. The latest shiny. Newer is better. But older often has inherent beauty and design that is long since forgotten. Life combines new and old. Memories and potential. While parts are worth discarding, others deserve renewal.  

49: Beginnings and ends

Beginnings and ends profoundly different events akin in hindsight The end is the beginning is the end. What feels like one, is likely the other. Recognize and embrace. 

48: Provided with wings

Provided with wings analyze the surroundings reject stagnation We can to fly, but we seldom do. When we’re young, we can’t wait to try our wings. As we age, they stay tucked underneath, seldom used. Life and responsibilities weigh us down, so it’s harder to get off the ground. Every now and then, don’t be […]

47: Nature’s agony

Nature’s agony distressed skies burst with sorrow pine for sun’s return The rain continues. Day after day, the gray skies relinquish their sorrow for all to feel. Then one day it stops. The sun comes out, spirits lift and the world feels normal again. The rain can’t last forever.  

46: Love, inverted pain

Love, inverted pain built on lust and desire inclined to regress Some days on deadline, you have technical issues. Fortunately, you can always come back and make adjustments later. That will happen with this post soon.

45: Bucking natures trend

Casual evening dinner for one with a view bucking natures trend Sometimes you’re just in the mood for something fun and puny.

44: The holes within us

The holes within us temporary displacements filled with growth and bloom Occasionally, we feel like there are holes in our life. Something is missing. At times, it is a very specific thing, while others we are unsure what we desire. The best way to find what’s missing in your world is by living life. The […]