01: Yesterday tomorrow today

Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is not promised
Today you control

This image comes from a cemetery in the town of Marathon, WI, taken in late July of this year. After one of the worst weeks of my life, I found myself driving through the small town. Driving is my therapy, and with my camera riding shotgun, I decided to see what I could find.

I first saw the cross from behind, looking over the deceased. I had to turn around and find a way into the cemetery before I saw it in full. The sun danced throughout the clouds, making the shot difficult. However, I prevailed, coming away with a photo I enjoyed.

I wrote the haiku this week, as part of the healing process. Don’t take any day for granted. It’s a lesson I finally understand. It also provided motivation to finish and launch this site on Labor Day. It was the third deadline I set for myself for launch, but this time was different, and I knew I would finish. If you continue to wait for the perfect everything, you’ll never accomplish your dreams and goals.



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