04: Grow learn evolve

Grow, learn and evolve
as you gain knowledge, recall
where your trek began

Madison residents will realize this photo is about two years old. It was an early impetus for this project. On the spot it was taken, a giant monstrosity of a building now stands, with a handy grocery store. Before it could grow out of the ground, there was a field, with a tractor.

While I now live in a city, I grew up in a smaller town, and spend my summers on my grandparent’s farm. I  vowed as I moved away to always remember my roots. When I lived in New York, I wore out the soles on my favorite cowboy boots walking around the city. When I need a break from city life, I head back to the farm for a long weekend, and when life is rough, a ride through the country is my meditation.

Wherever you go in life, remember your past. Good or bad, it made you the person you are today.


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