07: Creativeness grows

Away from concrete
thoughts cultivated and sown
creativeness grows

The elections of 2016, filled with bitterness and hatred. Most Americans cannot wait for this ugly episode to end.

A recent article took resentment a new direction: urban versus rural. At first, I didn’t think much of the article. Then, I started seeing elitist comments on social media, blowing it up.

“These people (who live in rural areas) are idiot.”

“Isn’t the reason people like us aren’t in small towns because we had the common sense to get up and move to where jobs were?”

“It’s another world.”

I am proud to consider myself both part country and part city. I spend a lot of time helping my parents on their farm. It makes me who I am. I love rural America, and hope to move there someday. The people there are some of the best in the world, and will help you with any problem. They work hard, and prefer to do most things themselves. They pride themselves on these values.

Criticizing someone because their ethos is slightly different is ignorant. It is wonderful to prefer one way of life, but don’t lambaste people who prefer the other. It is sad and pathetic.


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  • Karina Mendoza May 30, 2017 Reply

    Grr, I had written a larger message but stupidly clicked on the link and lost it!

    Nonetheless, thank you writing longer commentary to your haikus. I hope you continue to write and flush out your ideas, and perhaps publish your photography as well. You have a sharp eye!

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