08: Fight adversity

Fight adversity
and attack trepidation
foster peace and growth

Fermentation Fest is one of my favorite Southern Wisconsin festivals. A 40-mile drive through some of the most beautiful parts of the state in autumn, accented by art exhibits. My last post came from there, as does this one.

Introduced to me by someone very special, this year was my first without them as my co-pilot. This made it extremely difficult, and I almost did not attend. Still, facing what you dread and overcoming strong emotions is part of life, and required for inner growth.

I was surprised I enjoyed Michael Kautzer’s exhibit as much as I did. It was simplistic; a bunch of tiny barn shapes painted various reds placed in a field. But as I photographed the structures, I realized they were as big or as small as you wanted, depending on your perspective. Similarly, problems and fears in life vary in dimension depending how you view them. We choose how we perceive.

I choose the design from old school barn advertisements that I remember as a youngster. On back roads in the Midwest, the side of a barn was the original billboard. It was always cool to see one when riding with my parents.

I admit, growth is a popular topic lately in my writing. Still, moving forward when life is difficult or uneasy is important for individual advancement.


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