11: You can only cry

You can only cry
for so long before risking
drowning in your tears

2016 has been a rough year.

For many, it became even worse after the election last week. As a country, we took a step backwards, and many people  are rightfully concerned about their safety. Little can be done now about the past, it is how we move forward that defines us.

Each day, we make a choice. We can dwell on the pain of the past, or move forward. The second is hard, as it requires thought and work. The first is easy, as you don’t realize when you are drowning in the past.

We are not perfect, and some days the water around us feels comforting and peaceful. We do enough just to stay afloat. Others we swim, hard and strong.

So take a short break from everything if needed. Feel the pain, and use it as fuel. Get your bearings in life. But as you do, also stay afloat, and plot how it will help move you where you need to go.



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