22: Creativity

construct from self expertise
expand rules and norms

Occasionally it’s best to start a project before you know the rules. Especially creative projects.

Many prefer to learn the rules before beginning. Determine what is good, and why it is. Wait until we feel a mastery of a subject before we finally take initial steps to create. By then, our minds are already obstructed by preconceived notion. It feels difficult – if not impossible – to reach the point of the masters studied.

Instead, create. What you make might suck for those that think they are experts. So what? Create for yourself. Move the genera the direction you want it to go. Continue to learn about the subject, and incorporate what you do learn as you advance. Don’t be intimidated, or feel a need to conform.

The best way to learn is by doing. Supplement that with books and other learning devices, but always be creating.

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