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43: United by choice

Adjacent locales variations overlooked united by choice We choose where and how we live i this world. We each have different background, but all of us strive to make our worlds better; either for ourselves or our kin. We have different ideas how to do that. This does not make us evil, just unique. We […]

42: Foolhardy living

Creating complexed where simplicity would reign foolhardy living Humans tend to make life more complex than needed. It’s our nature. It’s foolish to worry over events we cannot control. Yet we do it daily. Life simplifies when we get out of our own way. Avoid the “what ifs” that are unlikely. Enjoy the here and […]

41: Human condition

Human condition personal or inherent stagnate or flourish Is our natural condition to remain sedimentary? Is it to become more? Does it vary by person? By day and time? What causes us to go beyond the basics of survival, and some to push the envelope even further?

40: Chances not taken

Chances not taken deprives individuals critical success Life is about chance. We take chances everyday. When we buy a ticket, there is a chance will win it all. When we go for a drive, there’s a possibility of being hit by another car. Chances come in big and small flavors. While the small are easy, […]

39: Live for each sunrise

Live for each sunrise versus planning for sunset in your final act A friend and I were talking about aging, and how differently people act as they grow older. She told me of a proverb she believed was Japanese. We each live two lives, the first when we are young, the second when we grow […]

38: Pollinated lust

Spring rejuvenates winter’s dormant ambitions pollinated lust The sun grows the mind and nourishes ideas. Winter is for cultivating your thoughts, so when the day star intensifies, ambition springs to life.

37: Rising waters flood

Rising waters flood overtake the motionless fight the undertow Without warning, the waters of life rise around us. If you stand still, you’re likely to drown. But, if you’re continually moving, it is easy to escape. Keep moving.

36: Crushed identity

Crushed identity reforged and reimagined increased resilience Everything is something, until it’s not. But with some work, it can be again.

35: Essence of courage

Essence of courage ignite a storied evening with lasting embers “Beer: the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems” – Homer Simpson. Alcohol is a wonderful drug. The taste delights while the spirits ignite. It’s privy to some of our highest flights and lowest crashes. We use it as a medicine to cure […]