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34: Sprout of interest

Sprout of interest awakens the mind to bloom ripening wisdom We each learn differently. Some choose a vertical path, studying all they can about one subject and specializing. Others have robust interests, and enjoy learning many ideas, skills and theories. Whichever method you employ, always quench your curiosity.

33: Ashen flowers bare

Ashen flowers bare vegetation sprouts anew spring and life blossoms Spring. It’s when the world opens up again. Flowers. Windows. Everything that lay dormant is reborn. A new life and purpose for everything the sun strikes with its warming rays.

32: Childlike vigor

Childlike vigor enjoy life’s simplicity no matter your age Inside each of us resides a child. As we age, we likely show it less, but in our heart, we are still young. You can deny it, hide it or pretend it’s not true. But all it takes is some prodding and nostalgia to bring it […]

31: Grand fallen hardwood

Grand fallen hardwood despite demise you endure nurturing offspring Life surrounds us, as does death. The spring grass greens thanks to the dead leaves that fertilize. Dust mites and other microbes live off our dead skin. Even we consume deceased animals or plant to survive. Humans are only on this earth for a short time […]

30: Reality distractions

Reality distractions prevent our evolution unplug and resist Life is filled with distractions. Some are appreciated – a night out with friends or loved ones. Others become habit – constantly checking social media or watching television. Balance is important in being a functioning adult. Time away from common distractions can free the mind and refresh […]

29: Rain on the granite

Rain on the granite cleanses the ache of winter pleasant days ahead Some days, things don’t go right. Rather than worry about what went wrong, you proceed with what you have. You realize better days are ahead. For each winter we endure, there is a spring right around the corner.

28: Heartfelt confidants

Initial strangers united through shared passions heartfelt confidants We all have best friends. People we lean on when times are tough. But how did you get to this point? Where was it you first met your now most-treasured cohorts? Occasionally it’s fun to remember how we got here, and where we’re going, together. Because best […]

27: Always curious

Always curious feed the mind knowledge and facts throughout existence We begin to learn at a young age. It starts simple, and we expand on it. Movement becomes walking. Sounds become language. We continue to learn, through our parents, school, life and experience. A life lived means learning something new everyday. As we age, we […]

26: New Destinations

New destinations adventure outside routine expand self and life Routine provides comfort. When life is crazy, it’s the cozy blanket we grab onto for security. But, if we hold that blanket even when life goes well, we risk never letting go. Adventure and challenge offer growth. Break free from routine and try something new. Challenge […]